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    Glyceryl Rosinate Also Known As Glycerol Ester Of Rosin

    Glyceryl Rosinate Also Known As Glycerol Ester Of Rosin, is made of gum rosin mixed with glycerol ester and heat them up, under pressure from superposition. The rosin was heated to 200 ° C. Add 10 ~ 15% glycerol, heating to 230-285 ℃, to maintain 5 - lOh, reaction to prevent oxidation, should be filled with CO2 gas, stop heating, vacuum pump and gas for about 30min, then natural cooling, The reaction can be used calcium oxide, zinc oxide as a catalyst.

    Glyceryl Rosinate rosin esters can be used for food emulsifier, in the pharmaceutical agent for sustained release matrix material, ointment base, emulsifiers, adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesive for the slow release tablets, patch, emulsion And the like. This product is used in the food industry for gum, chewing gum and other gum base. The amount of discretion, the general amount of 0.1 to 5%.